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Our 7 Best Designer Dog Bandanas for 2019

Our 7 Best Designer Dog Bandanas for 2019

At Trish Hampton we hand-make every designer dog bandana in our Rhode Island boutique. We source only the best materials: high-fashion designer materials that are sure to get your pup noticed. Our fabric and snaps are durable and tough. 

Here are the 7 most popular dog bandanas sold in both our online shop and our retail boutique this year.

7. Pink Gingham Dog Bandana

6. Camping Dog Bandana

5. Rainbow Dog Bandana

4. Flamingos Dog Bandana

3. Cancer Dog Bandana

2. Anchors Away Dog Bandana

1. Madras Plaid Dog Bandana

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Our Top Rated Designer Dog Collars for 2019

Our Top Rated Designer Dog Collars for 2019

We're proud of our designer dog collars. We source only the best materials: high-fashion fabrics and designs that are sure to get your pup noticed, yet durable enough to handle a romp in the woods or a day at the beach.

Trish and her mom create our collars right here in our cute-as-a-button studio in historic Chepachet, Rhode Island. Trish seeks-out the latest fashion trends for every season. We think you’ll notice the care, love, and attention that Trish put into her forward-thinking designs.

Here are our favorite Trish Hampton  designer dog collars for  2019.

10. Blue Candy Stripe

This collar screams “Take me to the beach!” Cool blue and indigo tones complement any pup’s coat. The vibe here is coastal, friendly, with a dash of rad. This collar conjures-up visions of salt water taffy, ice cream cones, and frisbee on the beach.

9. Chocolate Multi Stripe

When Trish designed this collar a few years ago, she was ahead of the early 80s retro craze that took root. Remember sitting with your friends during summer vacation and playing Atari on a cool summer night? That’s where this collar takes us.

8. Hot Pink / White Polka Dots

We love the attention this color brings. This intense hot pink tone makes us think azaleas, roses, and all things summery and sunny. Polka dots add an air of sophistication and glam.

7. Ho Ho Ho

Every furry friend deserves to be spoiled at Christmas. We love the warm and sophisticated look of this holiday collar. If your pup is front-and-center in the family Christmas photo, this is the collar you’re looking for you.

6. Navy / Green Whales

This collar is SO Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Preppy navy blue and green tones and a classic whale pattern will pair well with your Nantucket Reds and strappy sandals. This collar makes us think rolled-up summer slacks and sunsets on the beach.

5. Coral / Chocolate Stripes

This collar makes us think chocolate ice cream and strawberries. (Yes, ice cream may be a recurring theme in this article.) This collar looks especially nice on pups with chocolate coats (hello Chocolate Labs, we’re looking at you).

4. Maroon / Navy Stripes

This is our favorite patriotic collar. It makes us think of 4th of July parades, backyard barbecues, and fireworks at the beach. Classic maroon and navy tones are preppyish and have a New England coastal vibe.

3. Orange Reflective

Safety is important. Trish manages to combine safety and style seamlessly with this collar. Many of our friends work long days and need to take the doggos for long walks at night after work.

2. Chocolate / Periwinkle Stripe

Who doesn’t love periwinkle blue?!? Periwinkle and warm brown pair perfectly and create a look that is timeless and refined. Word has it that a very famous New Yorker has spoiled her dog with this collar.

1. Black / White Polka Dots

A classic. This is the Audrey Hepburn of dog collars. Timeless, charming, and downright perfect for every occasion.

  Want to make it an outfit? A matching or coordinating bowtie, blossom, or designer dog bandana can really complete the look. Most of our designs work together pretty seamlessly. If you’re unsure of what to match, don’t hesitate to reach out to Trish and ask her. She’d be happy to help you choose the perfect bowtie, blossom, or bandana and create a  finished look for your pup.

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Aquarius Dog Horoscope and Bandana for your Acquarian Pup

Aquarius Dog Horoscope and Bandana for your Acquarian Pup

January 20-February 18

What an Aquarius pup is thinking: “Wow, have you noticed how good-looking I am? I mean, I’m downright gorgeous. Where’s your phone, Liz? Let’s take some selfies. Just don’t mess-up my hair.”

Human equivalent: Ashton Kutcher

Likes: Going to the groomer, getting noticed at the dog park, freedom

Dislikes: Bad hair days, boredom

Aquarius pups are loaded with social charm (like, maybe a little too much). They love visits to the dog parks, where there is always a chance to make a new friend. Some people perceive Aquarius pups as being aloof and disinterested, but usually they’re just a little bored. Keep your Aquarian pup active and social and you’ll have one happy pup.

View our Aquarius Dog Bandana 

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What’s your pup’s sign?

What’s your pup’s sign?

Have you ever looked at a drawing and just...smiled? That big kind of smile that starts in your cheeks and spreads towards your heart? It’s the kind of feeling I remember from when I was a little girl at storytime: listening to the librarian read the page aloud and waiting in anticipation for the librarian to turn the book towards me, so that I could finally see the pictures. Yeah, that’s the kind of feeling that Olive & Company illustrations give me; it’s that kind of joy.

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