Notes from Trish

Aquarius Dog Horoscope and Bandana for your Acquarian Pup

by Trish Hampton on January 21, 2019

January 20-February 18

What an Aquarius pup is thinking: “Wow, have you noticed how good-looking I am? I mean, I’m downright gorgeous. Where’s your phone, Liz? Let’s take some selfies. Just don’t mess-up my hair.”

Human equivalent: Ashton Kutcher

Likes: Going to the groomer, getting noticed at the dog park, freedom

Dislikes: Bad hair days, boredom

Aquarius pups are loaded with social charm (like, maybe a little too much). They love visits to the dog parks, where there is always a chance to make a new friend. Some people perceive Aquarius pups as being aloof and disinterested, but usually they’re just a little bored. Keep your Aquarian pup active and social and you’ll have one happy pup.

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