What’s your pup’s sign?

Zodiac Signs

Have you ever looked at a drawing and just...smiled? That big kind of smile that starts in your cheeks and spreads towards your heart? It’s the kind of feeling I remember from when I was a little girl at storytime: listening to the librarian read the page aloud and waiting in anticipation for the librarian to turn the book towards me, so that I could finally see the pictures. Yeah, that’s the kind of feeling that Olive & Company illustrations give me; it’s that kind of joy.

I asked Faye from Olive & Company if she could create a Zodiac series for our new dog-bana design. (Faye is amazing.) I have been waiting for her designs with so much anticipation, and they’re finally HERE! And, I almost can’t believe this, but they’re even more beautiful than I had imagined.

I’m so excited to be able to spread the smiles and joy out to all of you, and your furry friends!  

So, what’s your pup’s sign?

My Finley is a Virgo.

And me, I’m a Libra. What about you?

Get ready to smile big, friends.

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