Taurus Dog Bandana - 1046

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Our handmade fashionable fabric dog bandana has two signature snap closures that can be sized in three different combinations, allowing for a comfy fit. Wear tighter for a flatter fit and a bit looser for a comfy look.

About Taurus Pups

Dates: April 21 – May 21

What a Taurus pup is thinking: “Joe, let’s stay in. You, me, on the couch. A blanket and a good book...Sounds pretty perfect, am I right?”

Human equivalents: Channing Tatum, Joe Keery, Kelly Clarkson, and Adele

Likes: being warm and cozy at home, the smell of a roast in the oven, naps.
Dislikes: loud noises, loud people, loud places.

Taurus pups are homebodies in the best kind of way. Always looking for a cozy spot on the couch next to their humans, they are the vision of the perfect canine companion. Taurus pups love to eat, so you may have to be a little unpopular and deny them some treats here and there, for their own good. Don’t worry, though; a good nap on the couch with you will make it all okay.