Sagittarius Dog Bandana - 1044

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Our handmade fashionable fabric dog bandana has two signature snap closures that can be sized in three different combinations, allowing for a comfy fit. Wear tighter for a flatter fit and a bit looser for a comfy look.

About Sagittarius Pups
Dates: November 22-December 21

What a Sagittarius pup is thinking: “How many treats do I get for making you laugh?”
Human equivalents: Brad Pitt, Kaley Cuoco, Taylor Swift, and Ben Stiller
Likes: Being outdoors, traveling, road trips

Dislikes: Rainy days often mean staying inside, and Sagittarius pups do NOT want to stay inside. Daylight savings time. Same reason.

Sagittarius pups love freedom and exploration. Walks. Road trips. Even a trip to the pet store is fun for this little Sagittarius. And on these trips, your Sagittarius pup wants to socialize with other people and pups. Sagittarius pups are extroverts and SO enthusiastic. Their friendliness and enthusiasm often brings many smiles and new friends into the the lives of their humans.