Leo Dog Bandana - 1038

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Our handmade fashionable fabric dog bandana has two signature snap closures that can be sized in three different combinations, allowing for a comfy fit. Wear tighter for a flatter fit and a bit looser for a comfy look.

About Leo Pups

Dates: July 23 - August 23

What a Leo pup is thinking: “Why did you name me Petey, John? Surely you could have been more imaginative and called me Rex? Yes, Rex, John, as in Latin for King. (Sigh) I would have even settled for Peter the Great. That would have been a great compromise. See, I can be diplomatic.”

Human equivalents: Sam Elliott, Kylie Jenner, Mila Kunis, and Joe Jonas

Likes: the rich, the bold, the famous, the beautiful.
Dislikes: thrift shops, yard sales, discount dog biscuits.

Leo pups love luxury. Nothing makes this pup happier than the royal treatment: long visits to the pet groomer, painted nails, a freshly-made dinner served in a crystal bowl--all of this, all the time. This pup wants to be pampered.