Gemini Dog Bandana - 1042

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Our handmade fashionable fabric dog bandana has two signature snap closures that can be sized in three different combinations, allowing for a comfy fit. Wear tighter for a flatter fit and a bit looser for a comfy look.

About Gemini Pups

 Dates: May 22- June 21

What a Gemini pup is thinking: “Don’t push me, Ralph. You know darn well I won’t eat these minty biscuits. I’m a dog; I want meat, Ralph. M-E-A-T.”

Human equivalents: Amy Schumer, Mark Wahlberg, Blake Shelton, and Courteney Cox

Likes: meat, peace and quiet, people who respect the rules.
Dislikes: green vegetables, red vegetables, vegetables in general.

Gemini pups are practical and rational. They prefer that people and situations be straightforward and honest. They also love putting-in a good day’s work followed by a night with their feet up by the fire. Treat this pup like an equal--fairly and squarely--and you’ll have a pup beyond compare.