Buffalo Plaid Hand Knit Wool Dog Sweater by Chilly Dog

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Size Length Width Fits
 XXS  8-9" 5"
2-9 lbs
 XS 12-13" 6"
5-10 lbs
S 14-17"
10-18 lbs
 M 19-21"
18-28 lbs
 L  23-25" 10.5"
28-40 lbs
 XL 27-29"
40-60 lbs
 XXL 30-33"
60-80 lbs
 XXXL 36-38"
80-120 lbs


Chilly Dog wool and alpaca dog sweaters are the warmest because the the natural fibers have greater bulk which prevents air pockets. Keeps your pet warm and cozy during the colder winter climates and during those chilly summer nights.

Our dog sweaters are hand knit by Artisan Knitters in Northern Highlands of South America, they are made following Fair Trade Guidelines.

Sweaters are machine washable in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

The quality of Chilly Dog sweaters is superior to any other dog sweater company, you will see the moment you hold it in your hand, treat your dog to the best