Tish Hampton's Boutique Through The Years:

That's right we are back for the fourth time in The New York Magazine in February 2009! In this issue of the magazine our teacup collection was feature with our adorable white with purple polka harness and leash which we still sell today.


In September of 2009 the issue of Rhode Island Monthly was published and featured none other that our very own Trish Hampton Boutique on page 21. The article featured a variety of our leashes, calling them "Canine Couture" a way for your dog to be stylish and high end!


Round three August 2006 in The New York Magazine, and we must say this is a very exciting issue! On page 15 the boutique was featured with a variety of known celebrities including Jamie Foxx, Amy Smart, Joan Rivers, and the celebrity featuring our preppy collection dog leash is none other that Mariah Carey who is walking her adorable Jack Russell.


In May of 2005 we were once again featured in another issue of The New York Dog Magazine. You read right The New York Magazine again! In this issue we were able to be featured not once not twice but three times within the magazine. A variety of our products were featured including our collars, and leashes once again showing off our signature polka patterns.


In March of 2005 Trish Hampton's Boutique was excitingly featured in the an issue of The New York Dog Magazine! Our well known polka dot pattern was featured in this issue of the magazine being called a "Classic" style for "your dog to wear anywhere". This was such an exciting opportunity for the boutique, and have been so great full for this featuring.


In April 2006 we were featured in the Coastal Living Magazine on page 30 featuring our preppy collar collection. The collar was described as a hip collar that has the ability to proudly primp your pooch.


In September of 2005 the boutique was featured in Paw Luxuries Magazine with our signature polka patterned collar and leash. We still sell this pattern to this day, and it has become one of our most popular collections!


In July of 2004  our white polka leash, and collar was featured in The Important Stonian! This was a very exciting issue for us as we had really just begun to start our journey and could not be more great full.