Exclusive Collection

We've decided to try something completely new. As a new feature at Trish Hampton we will be launching new limited time products, and collections that only exclusive customers have access to.

Where Are Exclusive Products:

  • The locked products can be found on the website. At the top of the website is the main menu and one of the options will be called "exclusive", by click on this menu option it will bring you to this screen. Once you have come to this screen  it may ask you to put in a password, tag, or tit may not be able to be access unless you have received a secret link.

Goal of Exclusive Products:

  • Ultimately not everyone is going to have access to everything, this is the point to provide products that you can have but others can't.

How To Gain Access To Products:

  • How do you gain access to these new products you ask, keep your eyes open for "keys". Keys could be a secret link sent to you in your email or a password to type in on the website, so make sure to keep checking your emails!

What If I Don't Have Access To As Many Products As I Want?

  • We will be posting ways to gain access to locked products through emails, and on our social media so make sure to sign up and follow. Some ways may include tagging us on instagram, being a loyal customer, being our best paying customer of the month, or coming into the store. Keep your eyes open for ways to gain access. 

Good luck and we hope it becomes a successful new feature making your pooch unique!